September 18, 2011
Michigan Congressman Justin Amash Endorses Ron Paul 2012

Posted on Amash’s official “Justin Amash For Congress” Facebook page:

"It is my great privilege to endorse Dr. Ron Paul for President. No person in public office has done more to advance the cause of limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty than Dr. Paul. Vote after vote, he has stood up for the regular American with no political connections and no one else to trust in government. Please consider donating to his campaign during today’s Constitution Day Money Bomb."

Scroll down to his second newest post to see it for yourself.

September 16, 2011
Vince Vaughn and Ron Paul

Actor Vince Vaughn talks with Ron Paul at the Liberty Political Action Conference today in Reno, Nevada.

September 16, 2011

September 17th, 2011 is Constitution Day. Lets celebrate.

September 16, 2011
Constitution Day MoneyBomb

September 17th, 2011 is Constitution Day.

Please consider donating on Constitution Day and support the defender of the Constitution, Congressman Ron Paul.

September 15, 2011

Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect

August 31, 2011
HuffPost: I Voted for Obama, Now I'm Voting for Ron Paul

Short, succinct, and should hit home with a few more “progressives”.

August 28, 2011


Ron Paul On Fox News Sunday 8/28/2011

August 19, 2011

Ron Paul Exploding

August 15, 2011

Candy Crowley Lies About Ron Paul Polls - 8/14/11

July 23, 2011
The History of Human Society

A brief history of society. This is an historical account of social institutions. We have many names for these institutions – law, rights, customs, norms, morality, tradition, culture, language, etc.  Whakahekeheke focuses on two institutions: property rights and the State.

Understanding these institutions is absolutely necessary for understanding politics.

July 22, 2011
SHOCK POLL: Obama 41%, Ron Paul 37%

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Voters shows Paul picking up 37% of the vote, while the president earns 41%.

July 19, 2011

My Car received some upgrades over the weekend.

July 18, 2011

Tune in for LIVE radio coverage 9am - Midnight at

July 17, 2011

 Star Trek

July 16, 2011
Ron Paul’s Home Run – Literally!

A First and Only for the annual Congressional Baseball game.

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